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Experienced SLN faculty who have previously developed an online course in the SLN program and are planning to either re-teach a previously developed course, or develop a new course for the Spring 2011 semester, should plan to attend one of the following workshop sessions.  Faculty can click to register online for Spring 2011 options.

Workshop Description

"Instructional Design Institute" for returning faculty - Teaching and learning in the “cloud”

SLN’s Associate Director (and web2.0 enthusiast) Alexandra M. Pickett will lead you into the “cloud” exploring the effective uses of web2.0 to enhance online teaching and learning:
How can you use web2.0 to present engaging online content? How can you use web2.0 to facilitate engaging online collaboration and enhance interaction?  How can you use web2.0 to enhance online student feedback and assessment? Have you thought about using blogs in your course so that your students can reflect or make their thinking visible to you? How would you assess and give them feedback? Have you thought about podcasting or screencasting to provide engaging online student feedback? Could video enhance how you present your content? What would that look like? Have you ever wanted to open your course and invite the world in? Would you dare?
This workshop will answer these questions by showing you what it looks like to teach and learn in the "cloud." You will also consider criteria that you can use to evaluate technology for instructional purposes, and review examples and resources you can use to help you incorporate learner-generated content, the social web, and web 2.0 technologies in your instruction to enhance interaction and engage your students. This session will ask you to step into the "cloud" with me to consider possibilities for your own instruction. I will show you my “cloud” and how I am exploring what it really means to be learner-centered. I will show you what happens when several web 2.0 technologies (twitter, voicethread, diigo, edublogs, jing, seesmic, youtube, podomatic, audacity) are stitched together into one fully online course. I will talk about how I did it and why, and what the students thought about it. And I will also invite you to explore selected tools for yourself, and to join my networks, so you can share what you know with me and others in the SLN/SUNY online teaching and learning community.

SLN Instructional Design Institute (Runs from 1 pm - 3 pm)

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