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Welcome to the SUNY Learning Network Advisory Council space.

Advisory Board History, Members and Mission

At the SUNY Online Summit in February of 2009, the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) presented a plan and a draft set of bylaws to the Directors Of Online and Distance Learning Environments (Doodle) for the establishment of an Advisory Structure to guide SLN's future efforts and direction.

In online discussions during March, the Doodle group considered the proposal and made several changes to the bylaws. A copy of the bylaws may be viewed at: SLN Advisory Council Bylaws.
In April, two representatives from each of the SUNY sectors stepped forward to sit on the first SLN Advisory Council.
On Tuesday, May 27, a quorum of the representatives met at the Conference on Instructional Technologies (CIT) to ratify the bylaws and elect officers.

SLN Advisory Council Members are as follows (as of August 7, 2013):


  • Caroline Manssino-Cohen, University at Albany, University Centers, Chair
  • Tom Mackey, Empire State College, Comprehensive Sector, Vice Chair
  • Meghan Pereira, SUNY Buffalo State, DOODLE Liaison & Comprehensive Sector, Secretary

Board Members

  • Terry Keys, Monroe Community College, Community College Sector
  • Larry Dugan, Finger Lakes Community College, Community College Sector
  • Mike Case, SUNY Alfred State, Technology Sector
  • Molly Mott, SUNY Canton, Technology Sector
  • Patricia Aceves, Stony Brook University, Doctoral Sector
  • Martha Dixon, Erie CC, DOODLE Chair (Ex Officio)
  • Janet Nepkie,SUNY Oneonta, FACT Council (Ex Officio)
  • Mike Notarius, ITEC (Ex Officio)
  • Carey Hatch, SLN (Ex Officio)
  • Alexandra Pickett, SLN (Ex Officio)
  • Doug Cohen, SLN (Ex Officio)
  • Mike Walker, SLN (Ex Officio)
  • Gerard Marino, SLN (Ex Officio)
  • None