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SLN201: Online Course Development



SLN has developed SLN201: Online Course Development to help you create a high-quality online course.   Traditionally, SLN trains faculty to do this in a F2F setting.   However, since there is a growing need for training at a distance, SLN has created this course to provide you the opportunity to participate asynchronously, within time frames that correspond to an established course development cycle.


The Big Picture

In our experience, developing an online course requires 100-150 hours of time , depending on the content, abilities of the course developer, and the design goals of the process itself.   Your time spent in this course is aimed at furnishing you with the knowledge and skills you will need to maximize the time you spend in course development.   There are 3 modules in this course.   Each module will require 6-8 hours of participation that will stretch over 2 week intervals.  




For each module, you are expected to:

        participate actively in discussions;

        interact with the content (text, videos);

        complete all assignments/quizzes;

        ask any questions you may have about this course, teaching online, or course design.


Developing Your Course

Once you have completed each module in SLN201 , you will be given a "homework" assignment to complete before the next module (roughly a month away) begins.   That assignment will be comprised of a few course development milestones to serve as a guide for you.   You will be expected to collaborate with the instructional designer(s) on your campus and create your course content.


Tracking Your Progress

After each module concludes, SLN will provide a gradebook report of your participation in this course.   This report will include your level of participation in discussions, quizzes, and other learning content.   There will be no "grade" per se.


Participation Expectations

Since you are taking the online training, there is an assumption that you will participate as a self-motivated learner through the content that has been provided for you.   We encourage you to ask questions and access the tutorials, discussions and other materials as often as you need to.

Your primary resources for developing your course are:

        your instructional designer (on your campus);

        this course - SLN201: Online Course Development;

        your course materials (textbooks, etc.).


Your Campus Instructional Designer

Your Instructional Designer will negotiate a development cycle with you. Your course must be finished, fully developed, and complete according to that schedule. He/she will guide you in your course design and in the optimum use of your course shell to meet the instructional objectives specific to your course. Your Instructional Designer will review your course prior to the start of the term. Then, she/he will work with you to implement any revisions.

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