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SLN Education Support and Services


The SLN Education Team provides expertise that assists SUNY campuses with developing and designing quality online courses. This document represents an agreement between the SLN Education Team and the SUNY Campus. 

Statement of Services

The SLN Education Team is committed to assisting SUNY campuses and faculty to:

  • Become highly effective online educators who understand online learning and best practices;  
  • Leverage the appropriate learning management systems tools and functionality available to meet learning objectives, as well as to create and manage effectively designed online teaching and learning.

Education Services

The SUNY Learning Network (SLN) Education Team provides three points of service for SUNY campuses:

  1. SUNY-Wide Resources
  2. Campus Online/Distance Learning Services
  3. Online Faculty Services

HelpDesk Support
The SLN Education Team works in conjunction with the SLN HelpDesk to provide quality support to campus faculty and instructional designers. The HelpDesk is trained to assist with a variety of questions within the ANGEL Learning Management System, including navigation and “how-to” questions.  If the HelpDesk Analyst is unable to resolve the issue, it is forwarded on to a SLN Instructional Designer.

Additional Education Services
The following services are available per custom quote:

  • Requested face-to-face training at home campus beyond the standard Spring and Fall development cycles, available by request.
  • SLN or Quality Matters course reviews.
  • Primary Instructional Designer support (for campuses without ID).