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Courses for observation are now available for review. Note that these courses reside within the individual campus ANGEL instances. The username and password needed to access these courses is the same across instances.

In order to access a specific course, community members will need to log into the corresponding listed campus instance with the following username and password:

      Username: Fa09_Observe
      Password: Fa2009

Once logged in as this user, all available courses for observation from that campus will be listed in the COURSES nugget.

In order to access the courses for observation at another campus, community members will need to re-authenticate on the other campus ANGEL instance.


      International Finance, Christine Pomeranz
      Intro to Direct Marketing, Robin Litwinsky

Fulton Montgomery Community College

      Microcomputer Applications, Marty Waffle
      Macroeconomics, Frank Yunker

Herkimer County Community College

      Computer Applications, Tabitha Carter
      Developmental Psychology, William Pelz
      Fundamentals of Biology, Jennifer Herzog
      Contemporary Math, Annette Yauney
      Introduction to Microeconomics, Peter Turner
      English 1, Cynthia Gabriel

Niagara County Community College

      Intro to Web Technology, Lisa Dubuc
      Macro-Economics, Catherine LoCascio
      Personal Finance, Catherine LoCascio
      Community Studies, Katherine Johnson
      Healthful Living, Lynn Brochu
      Drugs & Society, Lynn Brochu
      Intro to Web Design, Ann Catalano

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