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Welcome to the FACT2 Advisory Council space.

Mission & Objectives

Every facet of society, and every scholarly discipline is being affected by the pervasive infusion of computers. The Faculty Access to Computing Technology (FACT) initiative has been established to give SUNY Faculty the access to computing needed for continued educational leadership in service to the citizens and institutions of the State of New York.


The overall objectives on which the SUNY FACT2 Advisory Council was founded include:

  • Provide all faculty and instructional support staff appropriate computing capability and/or network access in that person's own workspace.
  • Improve expertise of faculty and instructional support staff in instructional technology through development and training.
  • Integrate computing, networking, and other electronic technology into curricula.
  • Enhance the teaching and learning process through the use of technology.
  • Increase collegiality through network connectivity.
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